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Posted Fri 24 February 2017

How Should You Dress For Your Job Interview?

First impressions really do count with interviews but there needs to be a balance between wanting to impress and just trying far too hard. A first impression is something you just cannot take back and you want to show the new employers that you are humble and respectful.

There’s nothing really more nerve-wracking than going to a job interview. You’ve got to sit in front of a person – and sometimes a panel of people – and talk about you and as we all know, the British are self-deprecating in their humour at the best of times and interviews talking yourself up are never easy! If you’ve decided to bold and make a change, going for the job you have always wanted is daunting but it can be done. The first thing you have to work on is your confidence and what better way than to treat yourself to a brand new suit. Companies such as have a huge range of beautifully tailored suits on offer and will allow you to ooze confidence and intelligence when you walk into the room.

Buying clothes is just the first step and you should always go formal no matter the type of job you are interviewing for. It’s respectful of the business you’re interviewing with and it means that you stand out. Plenty of people wrongly go for a casual look with job interviews and it can actually be incorrect fashion that loses you the position rather than the skills you have. Sometimes not dressing correctly for an interview can tell them you are not organised, and you perhaps can’t be bothered to even try and win their approval, which, let’s be honest is what an interview is about. You can ensure you pick the right style of shirts by using advice on the colour and tailoring on and choosing the right shirt for your interview can be the clincher.

You want to make sure you go for white if possible as while coloured shirts are nice they’re just not as formal as they can be. Going with a white shirt and either a grey or navy will be classic and we definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing black as it can be a little too serious for an interview. A simple grey or navy suit with a dark coloured tie and black shirt is professional and stamps your style in the mind of the interviewer and they are more likely to remember you if you wear shiny shoes so get out that shoe polish! Show you’ve made the effort for them for whilst you’re interviewing them as a company they are most definitely interviewing your skills and your professionalism.

It’s never a good idea to show up to an interview in jeans even if you are going for a freelance or marketing position where the dress code in the office is somewhat more relaxed. Websites such as do offer stunning jeans but keep those for the celebratory drinks when you’ve won the role!

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