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Posted Wed 22 June 2016

Booming of Digital Business Cards

Web and mobile application developers challenged the idea of reinventing business cards by digitalizing them. In today’s 21st century, startups have launched innovative ideas on how to reinvent the traditional paper business card for business professionals and companies.

Traditional business card

Business cards are used by tradesmen and merchants to advertise their products and services to others. Commonly, they are composed of a small paper fit in a wallet with the company’s name and contact information.

It goes two ways

The popularity of digital business card services and printing goes two ways. Digital business card printing provides a clean hard copy of your designed business card rather than traditionally writing it on a small paper. Moreover, printing business cards give off a sleeker and professional output giving the recipients the first hand impression of what you and your organization look like. Business cards always give the costumers the representation of eligibility, responsibility and trustworthiness of the company.

Digital business card services include installation of mobile applications in your own smart phones and registering for free, it grants access in creating your own digital business card. Virtual in imagery and fit for viewing in your mobile phones, this virtual card (Vcard) is given to networking participants with your email address and contact number.

Additional features

The digital business card is very easy to share to others and makes it easy to touch and forward with just one click. This card can be sent through text message, websites through QR Codes, and email signatures. Many of these mobile apps also feature location and event tracking which helps one remember where a certain card came from. Browse through, and find out more about this system.  These applications are also compatible online. By importing your information from social media accounts like LinkedIn or Facebook, digital business cards are very flexible and portable making business transactions faster and convenient. Digital business cards are also downloadable when received by your clients, and automatically save in their devices. Sent cards broadcast a client-to-client transfer when both parties have the same mobile digital business card application. However, one business card must be chosen to be exposed to the public. This business card will get a URL so that you can direct people to the website where they can connect with you.

Online demonstrations

With this new technology, application developers have online demonstrations in their websites wherein they document their beta testing through videos and user’s comments. Popular in networking events, digital business card servicing applications are tested by business professionals and see if the mobile application worked on their favor.

One can benefit of how fast the digital business card can be sent out to people if there is a stable and accessible internet connection. Without the net, one cannot utilize the mobile application, leaving users back to giving and handing out 3 inches by 2 inches wallet size business cards.

Business companies still prefer engaging and shaking people’s hands when networking and handing out business cards because it is still genuine. Though innovative, digital business cards are one additional solution for preserving and easy forwarding of business cards.

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