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Posted Fri 24 February 2017

A Handy Guide to Document Management Solutions

Paperwork is usually managed by an office manager or a team of administrators in an office and filing cabinets are generally a huge domain. Other than paper systems there are two types of document management system: self-hosted document management and cloud-hosted document management systems. Both of these are computer based and can be scanned in from paper filing. In this guide we’ve put together pros and cons of each of the systems that are available to you as a business. Choosing the type of system you use for your document storage can be a little bit of a headache but businesses such as are there to assist you with these little headaches and guide you through your changing from paper to online. It doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect but it is a smart one to go ahead and grow your business into the technological age.

Cloud-Hosted Document Management Systems:

All of your new cloud software is hosted by an external provider and can be accessed online whenever you choose to log in. Everyone in the office can log in to the system from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet via either 3G or wifi connections. You usually would pay a monthly fee for each user and those costs range depending on features you use and the amount of storage you require for your business.

Self-Hosted Document Management Systems:

All of the software is stored inside your business on your company servers and self-hosted systems allow you to store as many documents and files as your server will allow. The software comes with a one-time cost that’s usually based on the number of users. It can cost several thousand pounds for a self-hosted system as there are licence fees to consider

The biggest benefit of a self-hosted documents management system is that you are always the one in control and not relying on anyone else to keep it up and running. Companies like  can advise on which system is best for your company and can also advise you on what the advantages are for self-hosting or cloud hosting. The downside to hosting yourself comes in the quite large costs up front, as well as the extra yearly expense of having to pay for software updating. It also means it’s up to you to have a proper system in place to back up your documents as there’s no auto-saving.

These systems are actually available from anywhere that has online access so if you are a business owner you can tap into your work system from anywhere in the world. Being on business or travelling internationally for business gives you the cloud-system advantage as you can tap into it anytime. The downside? You are at the mercy of the provider to keep it up and running yourself and if there is ever a problem with the data centre (as in, electricity failure/fire or flood) you can be prevented from accessing your files. If the internet connection fails you also won’t be able to access your files!


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